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Solution Overview

LeadTradeX is an innovative self-serve lead acquisition and exchange platform, connecting lead sellers and buyers to post and receive exclusive leads respectively in real-time.

LeadTradeX enables Lead Buyers to purchase leads in real-time, with full control over pricing, daily volume, consumers' interests and profile of their leads. Likewise, the Lead Sellers can route their leads to be bought by Lead Buyers connected to the platform.

LeadTradeX can also drive leads to a call centre or generate sales on websites or landing pages and has the right features to manage and exchange leads across various players.

LeadTradeX is so flexible that, it can handle leads for various verticals including insurance, travel, realty, mortgages, refinance, instalment loans and payday loans.


Lead selling and buying made more efficient and economical

Brings buyers and sellers together in a truly unbiased marketplace

Lead Sellers and Publishers easily monetize their leads

Lead Exchange with Intelligence, Speed and Scale

Distinct, Flexible & Creative platform that integrates various tools

Higher Lead Conversion Rate, there by increased revenue

Increased Productivity and Accuracy lowers OpEx

Reduced Accept Cycle Time increasing customer acquisition


Lead Distribution

Our in-house developed algorithms find the perfect lead match for you with the best possible routing. LeadTradeX includes multi buyer-tiers which calculate exactly which lead data corresponds with buyer criteria. With our lead exchange platform, you can rest assured that you never miss a lead.

Real Time Reports

Gain access to sophisticated lead tracking and advanced management tools included in our lead exchange. Stay on top and gain full control over the lead generation process. Our in-house developed algorithms which determine the best routing and matching between leads and buyers.

Dynamic Forms

Provides access to forms that have been optimized for maximum performance. Our innovative lead generation campaigns enable our publishers to increase monetization of their traffic and provide our lead buyers with high quality leads. LeadTradeX allows you to try out different offers, integrate them into your website and track which are performing the best.

Lead Verification

Integrates automated verification processes to achieve higher quality of leads. It offers an in-built algorithm to prevent fraud data and filter out sub-standard leads. Provides lead configuration options to define various underwriting rules for lead filtering. Moreovoer, it can easily integrate with third party verification bureaus.

How It Works


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Set Up Your Account

  • Update Personal & Company Profile
  • Buy Credits

Create Marketing Content

  • Create Forms & Landing Pages
  • Create Email Campaigns

Create Campaigns

  • Create Buyer & Seller Campaigns
  • Create Lead Filters
  • Map with matching Buyers & Sellers

Start Exchanging Leads

  • Lead Verification, Scoring and Underwriting, Lead Mapping and Routing
  • Control Pricing & Daily Volume

Analyze Your Performance

  • Comprehensive Dashboard with lead performance KPI
  • Lead buyer and seller ratings, Reconciliation reports

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